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children’s society project. young carers.

rough story boards,

the school girl is a young carer . she needs to take care of her little sister.

one day, when she is attending classes, she  could not focus on her assignment as she was thinking her little sister and the household chores.  she became anxious and the poured coffee made her paper ditty .she was so mad that she fainted and feel form her desk.

in her dream, she felt hopeless and she wanted to get rid of the burden. and after a while, her classmates like her up and try to help her. she felt positive about her life cos there are many young cares around and what more, people are willing to help them rather than regarding them as jerks.

here are the new storyboards.

i made some changes to make my story more interesting. i will experiment new styles.

the camera moves more smoothly and some angles are much more better.

HERE is the final animatic.  password: CSM

i made some changes.

1. i replaced the infant with an old  lady  whit her left leg broken.
2. i should leave some place for audience to imagine . so i changed the ending. trying to show the feeling of happiness. it is more positive than my precious idea.
this project is really educational to me.
i know how important the communication with my clients is.
my project is about young carers. i am not familiar with this issue. so tried to create storyboard based on my imagination. it turned out a bad trial.
i designed a 16-year old girl with a tiny body
i used the tiny body to suggest the weight of existence. i overlaid  the movement of her sister on her face, suggesting she is often worried about her sister all the time. the overlaying of the two characters show us the conflict between the two principal characters.
by comparison, i designed her classmates with huge bodies and feet. the exaggerated anatomy can give us a sense of reliability and power. their classmate do not shoulder so many responsibilities and they are more stronger than the principal character.
the comment suggested that this was no connection between my animation  and the monologue, so it was not a successful trail.
during the following week, i changed a large part of  the animatic. i replace precious character with a normal size ONE. also, i changed her sister with a disabled old lady. because it is illegal for adolescent to care babies or children. in the first shot, she pulled her mother form he bed and pushed the wheelchair with her mother seating on it. i used the action pull and push to show weight of existence.
 in the follow shot, i was suggested to get ride of the dummy, well, i will change it tonight.
as for the last shot, when she talked about there are lots of people around who are willing to help.
i visualized this shot with a direct but unusual way. the camera moves form the eyes of the character to the the birds’ view. i live this camera moves because it can create a dramatic feel. But feedback suggested that i should leaves some places for audiences to imaging. i think it is a good idea to show some abstract feelings. so i replaced this shot with the young carer pushing the wheelchair.  meanwhile, there are lots of flowers booming.
to be continued.