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graduation film inspirations.


inspired by wang xiaobo’s story, the marvelous pig

when I was born, a pig was embodied in my body. later it turns out that the pig was my soul.


In the village (where we were sent by Chairman Mao to be re-educated), I fed pigs, and grazed cattle. These two kinds of animals would have known completely how to live if there had been no human to manage their life. They would have strolled about at their will, drinking when thirsty and eating when hungry; and when spring came, they would have talked about love to each other. If so, their life would have been of poor quality, nothing exciting at all. Then the human came, who set rules for their life. As a result, every cow and every pig had a theme in their life. For the majority of them, the thematic life was miserable: the theme for the cattle was to shoulder the hard labor, and for the pig, to grow meat. I didn’t think they ought to complain about this, because life then for us was colorless, too. It didn’t leave us much to entertain ourselves except for eight model plays.

However, there were some very few pigs and cattle whose life was arranged for another purpose. Take the pig for example, the boars and sows were spared some freedom to do their own business besides eating. But for all I could see, they didn’t quite appreciate this set-up. The boar’s task was mating, in other words, he was allowed to be a Don Juan by our policy. But the exhausted boars acted as if they were castrated pigs kept for meat. Like a JunZi of high morals, they just wouldn’t jump onto the sows’ backs no matter how you threatened them. The sows’ task was reproducing, but some would eat their own kids. In a word, the pigs suffered tremendously. However, they accepted it: pigs were pigs.

It is the characteristic of humans to set various rules, not only for animals but for themselves as well. We all know there was a place called Sparta in ancient Greece, where man’s task was to be a sacrificial soldier, woman’s to be a reproduction machine; the former was like a fighting cock, and the latter a sow. Therefore, life there was so regulated that nothing was left but boredom. Our two animals were different cases, but I believe they didn’t like their life at all. But what could they do? Be it human or animal, both could hardly change their destiny.

The pig I’m going to talk about was special. He was four or five years old at the time when I was feeding pigs. Although he was kept for meat, he was dark and thin, with two glittering eyes. He was as quick as a goat and could jump the meter-high fence without trouble. He could even jump onto the roof of the pigsty, like a cat—so you would find him always wandering everywhere, never staying in the pigsty. All the intellectuals in the village who fed pigs treated him as their own spoiled child and so did I—because he was friendly to nobody but us the intellectuals. He’d allow us to get as close to him as within three meters; he would run away from other people. He was a boar and should have been castrated. But just go ahead, try to hide the castration hatchet behind your back and see if you can get him. He would instantly smell it, bulge his eyeballs at you and give a bellow. I always fed him with porridge made from rice chaff and would dump it into the weeds to feed other pigs after he’d had enough of it. Other pigs were jealous at seeing this and squealed. Then, the pig farm was filled with horrible howling as if ghosts were crying, which he and I didn’t give a damn about. Stuffed with food, he would jump onto the roof of the pigsty to bask in the sun or imitate all kinds of sounds. He could sound like a horn, like a car or a truck

Sometimes we couldn’t find him for a whole day. I assumed he’d gone to the village nearby to look for sows. We kept sows, too, but they were kept inside the pigsty and were out of shape from over-reproducing. They were dirty and stinky. He was not interested in them. There were handsome sows in the neighboring village. He had many romantic adventures there. However, I’m not going to tell you about them because I know little about it due to the short period I spent feeding pigs. All I can say is that all the intellectuals who fed pigs liked him. We were fond of his way of being independent. We even gave ourselves credit for his freestyle of living. But the villagers didn’t agree on this point. They considered the pig as cynical, and as for the leaders, they hated him, which I’ll talk about later. My fondness of him even extended to respect for him, because I always called him “Brother Pig” ignoring the truth that I was ten years or older than him. As Ive already said, this Brother Pig could imitate any sound. I reckoned he’d tried to learn how to speak as a man, but failed—if not, we would have had a heart to heart conversation. But he was not the one to blame, to establish a rapport between man and pig was too different after all.

Later, Brother Pig learned how to wail like a whistle. This is what got him in trouble. We had a sugar factory and its whistle sounded every noon so that the workers would change shifts accordingly. Hearing the whistle, our group, which was working in the field at the same time, would wrap it up and come back home. My Brother Pig began to jump onto the roof at ten o’clock every morning and imitate the siren there. People working in the field came back as soon as they heard it. Boy! This was one and a half hours earlier than the factory required. To be frank, there wasn’t much for us to blame Brother Pig for, and his wailing was different from the whistle. But the villagers said they couldn’t tell the difference whatsoever. As a result, the top leaders had a meeting, in which they accused him of being an agitator who was intending to sabotage the spring plowing. What was worse, they decided to take action against him by means of persecution. Although I’d already known the meeting’s decision, I was not worried about him, for if they meant to use noose and hatchet [by means of dictatorship], it wouldn’t work on him at all. The former leaders had tried this, but even a hundred men were not able to catch him. Dogs were useless either: Brother pig ran like a torpedo and would have elbowed the dogs’ miles out of the way. But Good Heaven, this time they really meant it. The instructor brought with him about twenty men, holding five-four style pistols in their hands; the deputy instructor led a dozen of people or so, all carrying guns used to protect the harvest. They split into two groups, converging from two directions in the open-air of the pig farm to corner him. This really put me into a dilemma: in view of our friendship, I should have held two butcher hatchets and stood with Brother Pig side by side to fight a way out. But on second thoughts, I realized this would probably scare the shit out of the whole world—he was, after all, nobody but a pig; Another reason was that I didn’t have the guts to go against the leaders, which I suspect was where the problem really lay. So I just looked on. I had admiration for Brother Pig’s composure: he calmly stayed inside the circle formed by the pistols and guns. However much the people shouted or the dogs barked, he just wouldn’t step out of the circle. Therefore, the people who were to pull the triggers of their pistols would kill those holding the harvest protection guns, and vice versa; if both groups were to fire simultaneously, they would all be killed. As for him, safety was almost guaranteed, for as a target he was not big enough. Then, after testing a couple of times, he found an opportunity and forced a way out running away in an astonishingly cool manner.

I ran into him several times in the sugarcane field after that. He’d grown fangs. He recognized me, but wouldn’t allow me to get close to him. His coldness pained me. However, I agreed that he should keep a distance from those with malicious intentions.

I’m already forty years old. So far, but for this pig, Ive never met anyone who dared to turn a blind eye to the rules imposed upon their life. On the contrary, Ive only met people who try to set rules for other people’s lives, or who live contently with the rules imposed upon them. For this reason, I never stop commemorating this maverick pig

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


MR eichmann design version 1 and two,

small eyes, ears. big hands.

age: 40.

temperament: tame.

he has a pet pig, named tiny black, the pig is black, it looks like a sausage. the pig can run very fast.




pigs have a  vertebra shape of c and it is not easy for him to stand.





my English national opera project is inspired by this idea.

the ox and horse across their stomachs are their animal nature. namely the violence and emotional part of human being. the human body is their personal and human nature. my core story is about how the satyagrahast and the police control their animal nature and try to act reasonably. so the India miner marched but they encountered the mounted police. then my story begins. unfortunately, the stuff did not get my story. well, it was because of my bad pitch. i was too nervous. maybe my idea is too sureal and it doent make sense.


children’s society project. young carers.

rough story boards,

the school girl is a young carer . she needs to take care of her little sister.

one day, when she is attending classes, she  could not focus on her assignment as she was thinking her little sister and the household chores.  she became anxious and the poured coffee made her paper ditty .she was so mad that she fainted and feel form her desk.

in her dream, she felt hopeless and she wanted to get rid of the burden. and after a while, her classmates like her up and try to help her. she felt positive about her life cos there are many young cares around and what more, people are willing to help them rather than regarding them as jerks.

here are the new storyboards.

i made some changes to make my story more interesting. i will experiment new styles.

the camera moves more smoothly and some angles are much more better.

HERE is the final animatic.  password: CSM

i made some changes.

 step 1.
1. i replaced the infant with an old  lady  whit her left leg broken.
2. i should leave some place for audience to imagine . so i changed the ending. trying to show the feel that she is not lonely , she has a lots of people around.
step 2.
so during the following 3 weeks, i tried my best to finish to rough animation
the animation starts form the young carer is writing, and then she suddenly realise that her mother needs help , so the camera zoom in and her mother’s image is shown on her face. and then she drags her mother form the bed, and hugs her, next , she pushes the wheel chair and they vanish in the horizontal line.
i overlapped her mother’s image on her face, trying to suggest that helping her mother has become part of her daily routine, whenever her mother needs help, she is always ready to help. but the problem is it begins too quickly. a good way to entry an animation is gradually and slowing showing something to viewers.  so i took shaun’s advice, and added a shot in the beginning.i hold the camera for a while and then it starts to move. the pace is much better. but still, her mother’s image bump into viewers’ eyes suddenly
later, when i previewed my animation with monologue, i realised the pace is terrible. in order to slow down the pace, i think i should break down the one long  shot into several shots. sometimes compromises  needed to be made.
when she hugs her mother, i gave the young carer a close up . but it is not good enough, Steve said when you give the character a close up, viewers may think that she is going to say something, but my character does not say anything.
so  i gave up this idea and tried another way. and it is the best idea i have ever got.
i drop the shot a close up of the character and pushing the wheelchair , instead , i used this one. the girl is chasing the footstep of other young carers. in this shot.
i got this idea when i was walking under the light. i found he shadow is quite beautiful.
i think the idea got form life is much better than created or imagined ones.
the next shot was also a headache for me. i corrected 4 times.
at first, my idea was like, it starts form a girls is writing, and then, a dummy dropped,  two giant feet bump into the girl. and then, the camera moves form the feet to the upper body , another young carer is shown, and he is carrying an infant. but David form CS said that it is not illegal to care for infant in this country. i realized that i should have had a good communication with them to avoid go astray. actually, when i got this audio, i searched the internet and found some useful resources and my idea is inspired by these i saw. to be a professional designer, good communication with your client is crucial.

so i gave up this idea. i got another one and it turned out a waste of time for me.

i made a terrible mistake that i wasted a lot of time doing a shit. i animated without the monologue playing.
it stars form a bowl of soup, and different images of young carers are casted on the soup. and then, the camera zoom out, a young carer is holding the bowl and walking towards to a bed on which his mother is lying .
it is a bad trial because it does not fit the monologue. this animation moves much faster than the counterpart.  every single short is good but when you put them together, it is a shit.
maybe my precious idea is much better.
in order to get rid of the dummy, i replaced it with a medicine bottle. i asked my room mate to asked it out for me. i think it is much easier to animate with reference. you can feel how your animation will look like, and sometimes, a lot of good ideas are inspired by the first hand experiences.
i also tried to corrected the last shot, but it turned out that my precious idea is much better.
the last shot is a long shot that showing the girl is walking.
i corrected it because i thought i have a better idea.
i made some changes: the girl walks for a few steps and then stops, the camera moves form her feet to her upper body and shows that her mother is smiling to her. next, a over shoulder shot to show something in front if them.
i gave up this idea because the monologue  is too fast. when i broke down the shot , the pace become slow.
in all, animating is a process of trial and error. you never know until you try.
i tried many approaches to color in my animation with tv paint, . it turn out that none of them satidfied me. so i drew the animation on pappers and used color pencils  to color in. here are some finnal result of my animation.
it is a old style animation. i knew it will boiling, so i asked shaun for advices. keep the white and black areas almost the same


some ideas everyday.

  1. one day morning, i wake up and sat to draw something. i did not have any inspirations. i felt bored and closed my eyes. it was a quiet morning, suddenly, i listened to the tic tock of the clock. so i waved my index to left and right, trying to keep the pace with the tic tock sound. and then i rocked my upper body left and right, following the pace of the sound.

i was wandering : did i controlled by the time unconsciously?  if the rhythm of the sound was chaotic, should i move irregularly ?  can i  control the sound? what is time? what is the relationship between time and movement? maybe there are some inserting ways to move and control my limbs.

2. i saw some Chinese ink paintings this evening.

there figures had something in common and maybe i guess they wanted to tell me something. i think they are maybe the same person throughout history. so i will call my new animation : something hasn’t been told.

you know there are lots  land space Chinese paintings. when i played a sequence of the paintings in animation cc, they would be like a electrocardiogram. i did so because i want to concrete the time and space. it seems that the story happened in a blink of a time.

3. today i made noodles with flour. i wanted to mix something else with the flour to create something new. maybe a puppet like this: 

or maybe some wood. while i was mixing flour with wood and  puppet , i should have dressed traditional Chinese cloth with the music “The Hexi Corridor ” on( the background music of the documentary The Hexi Corridor). i should shotted the video and try to play with it by different animation skills.

4. i have a idea that angle and demon are the two sides of the coin. if there is an angle, there is also a demon. luckily , we are human beings. we are not as kind and generous as angle nor as evil as demon.

this is my believe. i do not know if it is scientific truth.

but today, inspired by this, i really know how to show my idea.

the pirate king, big mum, she is a giant baby. she is strong .  she is so addicted to sweeties that she can not control her desire.

the desire for food is a human nature, but she is a giant baby, she can destroy something easily. when she tried to kill a mosquito for you , she may also kill you as well.

generally, babies are regarded as angle, but when the bodies become huge, it is an angle?




IT WAS MY first time to watch opera, it is Partenope.  i was quite inspiring.

the stage design is simple, but definitely effective, i would say clever designing.

the first chapter is just a simple table and a stair. when the actors and actresses moved around, something amazing happened: the shadows and the characters created dramatic EFFECTS,  the exaggerated shadows magnified the actors and actresses facial expressions and gesture.  also,  the light and shadow separate the simple stage into differing parts, it reminded me of the Japanese comic i read (one piece ),as well as some mulpti-screen  animations. when one actor is singing under the light, some other actors and actresses stand still in the shadow, i think this is the difference between films and opera.

on the following chapter, i guess maybe the stuff turned the first setting around and get the new setting, it is a cleaver idea, saving time and money. and then some moving images was projected on the wall, giving us unease feeling. i like the shadows of the characters projected on the windows. it showed me that something was happening beyond the principle character’s eyes.

i was exposed to all kinds of stimulus last night,  these stimulus including lights, shadows, and performance were controlled so that audiences can focus on one stimulus on one time.

i think the use of light for shot changing is a brilliant idea, when one actor took pictures for the heroine, all of the other lights were off and only the camera light was on, focusing us to the heroine.

all in all, it was quite educational to me.

a litte bit about animated documentaries.

the is my topic that i am going to carry out research into in the following month.

as i have know, some documentaries are animated to visualize the audio soundtracks, trying to show views the content in a vivd approach. this is widely used in the historical documentaries and wildlife documentaries. but some documentaries, like the survivors, animating the interview with some abstract moving images, trying to convey some underling emotions of the interviewer. i want to know which way is more effective in terms of conveying the right message.


i watched the Irinka and Sandrinka yesterday, it was quite amazing. 

i like the idea of putting all kinds of videos and pictures in a scene to create a historical feeling. i had a an idea of creating an animation with chinese ink paintings, maybe i can use this way to create.


maybe i should try different way to color the black and white animation.

17190391_1248406838610030_6232086468478934143_n 17200923_1248406871943360_4506760613415018636_n

tonight i watched this documentary and i was quite inspiring.

when i was watching this black and white documentary, i felt that there were some colorful fragments here and there. i think our eyes have got used to the colorful world, but when we watch the black and white movies, our eyes would try to color the movie unconsciously.

maybe when i color my animation, i can try to draw some colorful fragments randomly  instead of  coloring the skin, the clothes, and the backgrounds with the colors we have get used to.


this is my favorite animated  documentary ever. 

I THINK this animation can be quite helpful for the following project about children .

i will get an audio of  an interview about a child and i will animated it. i have always waiting to try the hand draw and free style animation and this is a good opportunity for me. i will finish the story and the story board, character design during the easter holiday.


how to avoid world wars.

how to avoid world wars and slaughter?

the first step is to free people form the religions, and other ideas and groups, such as the left wings and right wings. the communism and the capitalism, the individualism & collectivism,  ect. we do not need these stupid ideas, there ideas separate us into different super powers and then conflict with each other. so wars and slaughters can not be avoided

when we shake off these stupid ideas and then everyone should think independently.  we are born in differing space and time and that make us different form each other. so which means the energy we get is different. for example some one form the countryside think his ideal way is to work in his own farm and plant his favorite grains and vegetables. if his peers say that he should travel around and it is a trend. he should say: working in my own farm is my ideal way to transport energy and i enjoying doing it.

to  be continued.

a little bit about the universe.



fuck the Communist, fuck the left wing and the right wing, fuck the religions. we do  not need these shit ideas anymore, otherwise, there would be another world war 70 years later.

the curve chart is my theory.

we human being starts from the Big Bang. the zero point of the chart. we are created because we are trucks and we need to transport energy form the core of the universe to somewhere. in another words, we are slaves of the universe. if someone cannot get energy, he or she would stop exiting. (die or unborn) the  more energy we get, the more possibilities we would survive in the universe.

there are so many wars, revolutions and slaughters throughout human history. why? because the energy human beings can get is limited, while the there has always been a problem about allocating the energy between the rich and the needy, the old super power and new super power.

why human beings need decedents? why people feel excited when they have sex and have food? why we feel miserable when we try to suicide or starving? because we are needed to transport energy during the expansion of universe. for example, we need red cells to transport oxygens for us.  if we do not exist, something else would be created and take our jobs.

so since we are slaves of the universe, how should we survival in this cold world? we have love, mercy, dream and wishes to support us. while  the truth is that some people are greedy and they need so many energy. i believe that there are different ways to transport energy ranging from eating, having sex, working, taking exercising to traveling, listening concert and maybe creating art works. some people are greedy and they need a lot of energies because  they want to choose these comfortable ways to transport energies. while the needy have access to limited energy, and what they are doing are quite tedious and uncomfortable. such as mired in poverty, having unhealthy food and suffering form all kinds  of diseases. one day if they cannot bear their life anymore, they would revolute and try to kill those rich and get their energy. i think there should be compromise between the rich and the poor. the westerners have the democratic ways to rule the people, it is a better way to allocate energy than the authority way.




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the antiporno is quite inspiring to me.

the color is so vivid that give me a sense of unease. i really love the colors.

the performance is crazy, the actress shouts a lot and laughs a lot.

if combined with the editing style i saw from the film: Requiem for a Dream, i will make amazing animation. this is the feel i would like to try: cold, calm, colorful, violent and fast editing.