Monthly Archives: October 2016

goodbye, old world, some birds cannot be caged.

hi, guys, my name is Cheng Qiao,  these are my animations, I hope you guys like them although they may be boring as i am not good at story telling, please leave your comments because they are important to me. thanks.

the fancy boll

my graduation project. i was engaged with the modeling, as a result,  i only got one month left for film shooting. sorry about my time management ability.

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The snail-man

my first drawn animation, i like drawn animation although it is tough and tedious. i have passion on it.

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I look wonderful

although i do not look wonderful.

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my favorite animators are:    

[Bill Plimpton],cheatin

YouTube Preview Image

[Georges Schwizgebel],L’homme sans ombre

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i have been influenced by the following artists:

[Jan Švankmajer],Dimensions of Dialogue

[Akins Kondoh],The Evening Traveling Animation

[Koi Yamamura], Mt.Head

[Cyriak], Baaa


I am crazy about their animations because they create animations freely, and they have not  been confined by some specific rules.