goodbye, old world, some birds cannot be caged.

hi, guys, my name is Cheng Qiao,  these are my animations, I hope you guys like them although they may be boring as i am not good at story telling, please leave your comments because they are important to me. thanks.

the fancy boll

my graduation project. i was engaged with the modeling, as a result,  i only got one month left for film shooting. sorry about my time management ability.

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The snail-man

my first drawn animation, i like drawn animation although it is tough and tedious. i have passion on it.

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I look wonderful

although i do not look wonderful.

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my favorite animators are:    

[Bill Plimpton],cheatin

YouTube Preview Image

[Georges Schwizgebel],L’homme sans ombre

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i have been influenced by the following artists:

[Jan Švankmajer],Dimensions of Dialogue

[Akins Kondoh],The Evening Traveling Animation

[Koi Yamamura], Mt.Head

[Cyriak], Baaa


I am crazy about their animations because they create animations freely, and they have not  been confined by some specific rules.





4 thoughts on “goodbye, old world, some birds cannot be caged.

  1. Your hand drawn animation is brilliant! I love the idea for the characters moving on the money in ‘The snail man’. Your drawing style, particularly in ‘I look wonderful’ is beautiful and the crisp sound works so well with the images as well. The movement from shot to shot is so smooth. I like the water ripples that turn into the man’s eyes in ‘The snail man’. I hope you can help us beginners along the way!

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