I’m on my way to be a professional artist.

this was my first time to try life drawings. fantastic experience.

IMG_6958 IMG_6957 IMG_6956 IMG_6955 IMG_6954 IMG_6953 IMG_6963 IMG_6962 IMG_6961  IMG_6959 IMG_6968 IMG_6967 IMG_6966 IMG_6965 IMG_6964 IMG_6983 IMG_6982 IMG_6981 IMG_6980 IMG_6979 IMG_6978 IMG_6977 IMG_6976 IMG_6975 IMG_6974 IMG_6973 IMG_6972 IMG_6971 IMG_6970 IMG_6969 IMG_6998 IMG_6997 IMG_6996 IMG_6995 IMG_6994 IMG_6993 IMG_6992 IMG_6991 IMG_6990 IMG_6989 IMG_6988 IMG_6987 IMG_6986 IMG_6985 IMG_6984

during the past two weeks, we had been drawing the bouncing balls. they were not easy at all.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

a happy lady and a gloomy boy.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

my lovely classmates.





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