my first 3d animation, it looks lively i think, to be frank 3 d is not easy for me, but i think i will master maya in the near future as long as i keep learning hard.

personally i think it is a big rat rather than a lively dog.

mr evil is carrying a pack of gold coins, but it is too heavy, so he fells down.

Mr. evil robbed a bank but was not caught by the police, and then he becomes a millionaire, so he walks happily and confidently on the road. he feels the power of rich and becomes arrogant. however one day, he happens to see a post the reads he is wanted by the police and people who catches he can get a lot of money, so mr. evil begins to tip toe in case he may be seen by someone.

a bird without wings. it is me, I’m struggling these days, i fell in love with a girl, but she doesn’t want to date with me.

my recent sketches, i have being struggling with life drawing lessons.

img_20161128_120747_hdr img_20161128_132159_hdr img_20161128_132220_hdr img_20161128_132232_hdr img_20161128_132247_hdr img_20161128_132259_hdr img_20161128_132307_hdr img_20161128_132317_hdr img_20161128_132327_hdr img_20161128_132335_hdr img_20161128_132351_hdr img_20161128_132400_hdr img_20161128_132411_hdr img_20161128_132419_hdr img_20161128_132428_hdr img_20161128_132433_hdr img_20161128_132445_hdr img_20161128_132451_hdr img_20161128_132500_hdr img_20161128_132505_hdr img_20161128_132518_hdr img_20161128_132523_hdr img_20161128_132532_hdr img_20161128_132540_hdr img_20161128_132550_hdr img_20161128_132555_hdr img_20161128_132606_hdr img_20161128_132614_hdr img_20161128_132622_hdr img_20161128_132635_hdr img_20161128_132643_hdr img_20161128_132649_hdr img_20161128_132657_hdr img_20161128_132701_hdr img_20161128_132709_hdr img_20161128_132715_hdr img_20161128_132723_hdr img_20161128_132728_hdr img_20161128_132737_hdr img_20161128_132742_hdr img_20161128_132751_hdr img_20161128_132756_hdr img_20161128_132804_hdr img_20161128_132808_hdr img_20161128_132825_hdr img_20161128_132830_hdr img_20161128_132837_hdr img_20161128_132843_hdr

these days, i felt blue, i went out wandering around with my friends, having big meals and ice creams

img_20161128_184629 mmexport1477917172562 mmexport1480269291938

today i had benign struggling doing this puppet animation. wow, the studio is amazing, but the puppet was not easy to handle.

img_20161128_114141_hdr img_20161128_114147_hdr img_20161128_114209_hdr img_20161128_120314_hdr img_20161128_120728_hdr img_20161128_120747_hdr


wow, my classmates were chatting with their mentor happily. guys, keep these beautiful memories.

my mentor didn’t  show himself as he was busy, but i hope we will have a nice chat next Tuesday, I’m looking forward to seeing my mentor.



img_20161122_192541_hht img_20161122_192622_hht img_20161122_192643_hht img_20161122_192844_hht img_20161122_192858_hht img_20161122_192932_hht img_20161122_194423_hdr img_20161122_194232_hdr img_20161122_193846_hdr img_20161122_193307_hht img_20161122_193007_hht

Iris, shuna and I went to the Turkish barbecue on the 21 of nov. it was such a large portion and we really had a big meal. the meal tasted good. we had a amazing time. img_20161121_192252_hdr

after the meal, we went to the genesis cinema to enjoy the movie:  fantastic beast. to be frank, the movie was a shit. but i felt happy because our classmates could enjoy the movie together. img_20161121_205659_hht img_20161121_205708_hht img_20161121_214110_hdrit seems that i have made a great progress in sketching. 0lt45m958ttdnahrlfan570k 0rv58antaam1autbs5quv7qb 1f1ynnwgrvye1xdp9fdwu5fq 3y3gkep9cx9nmbj57fe7n8b2 6vaqtmujebubcf3ryksjvexu 7hveddh5lfgj938vehqj9qv5 8pe6t2ba17r6ldqvfpntdy55 43nrjewbe6rwq9knwa2yeml2 ap4p3y4263yem2ehxhvc6yn4 bf2pdynyxfbn8ftkdbqg33en bnej75fbce8wd41eurgklsbh cd6619w3eesjvcee5e5h3yx3 e7uu92p89aub7njrj8baq75b ed5rbh9sp8q5gfar4eartrad efprj7fh286s41e4jbdb9617 epm8g89y0e1gbgfrm8p045rc esbququd9m19qntk9eswmfn8 f99dt3kt1ahyey43qcjebyk6 fl0cyafqmaqraj270ddtddvu fymeu07qxe2lay2qqrwmebh1 g1v0m1648esu8jltmmsh7f94 h6ddupkasatcapkv0ehleab5 hlbelaybmh08f52rtd18k3p1 kft7tejceblkhbfyedafqvf9 luetgdekdgcepujcyy3p7sqh njmvdl0eaf6jlewje6ey0rdb pabn54b583k6197ymu2h3024 pekrn6bayhy8erfhalmpdtf5 r91t3eaef0jqrh2n1w5ga6ee sy7bhntw90e0s9vbxca2ftep tskfr8td45t9bdesafaxdbsx tx837ww4hf7fka158yhhnerk up2kw7w105bq075nrpfrfay3 vuw8cea1wvxht5yuud3te1b2 wr3bcnbkpf1gwuumqynywv8f y6h58fdpx3a0atf1p7fhkdra y10d33566hb2std2fm2kdmb7

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