a wonderful journey to the national history museum.

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one day in the museum

it was a great journey for me

this is the story i created.

the mammals go to the museum to see the dinosaurs. a puppy dinosaur skeleton is controlled to mimic the real dinosaur, it roars and waves its claws, these mammals take picture with the dinosaur skeleton behind.





the life drawing for this week, it was snowy in the evening, quite cold and humid, i hesitated about whether i should go to nui to attend the life drawing class or not. after having the supper,  i took the tube to uni, the snow was beautiful! and the graduation show in uni was great, but it was a pretty that i missed some funny shows as i was attending the life drawing class, next i would not miss these interesting activities.

well, i haven’t drawing these naked models for a month, i felt i cannot control my right hand well, i think i need more patient while drawing. i should try to control my mind rather than my hand.

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