interesting experience doing performance practice.

these two weeks i had some interesting practice. i drew with my eyes closed, just pure emotion


look at these lines, i drew with my emotion, rather than logical thinking. i threw away all the rules, trying to find myself. stick to my heart, and be what you want to be .

img_20170126_192952_hdr img_20170126_193012_hdr img_20170126_193032_hdr img_20170126_193105_hdr img_20170126_193115_hdr img_20170126_193136_hdr img_20170126_193152_hdr img_20170126_193206_hdr img_20170126_193228_hdr img_20170126_193303_hdr img_20170126_201142_hdr img_20170126_201203_hdr img_20170126_201217_hdr img_20170126_201230_hdr img_20170126_201253_hdr img_20170126_210024_hdr img_20170126_210044_hdr img_20170126_210056_hdr

the final version. there is a long way to go to be an excellent animator.

NG is a good actress, so i got this good performance, but i haven’t done the in betweens, i will finish this later.

it is easier to follow the references to create a piece of body movement, cos you got to know where to stop, how long to stop, where to anticipate….it is not easy  for us students to master these.  I think we need to practice these more(following the references and analyze the movement of the character rather than draw it frame by frame).

it is my first time to do this, and it will be my last time to do so. next time, i need to perform all by myself, try to understand all the movements all the performance.


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