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the antiporno is quite inspiring to me.

the color is so vivid that give me a sense of unease. i really love the colors.

the performance is crazy, the actress shouts a lot and laughs a lot.

if combined with the editing style i saw from the film: Requiem for a Dream, i will make amazing animation. this is the feel i would like to try: cold, calm, colorful, violent and fast editing.



i quite enjoyed the lip sync exercise cos they are easy, and you can follow your mind, do whatever you like.

i like to draw the exaggerated expressions and the twisted mouthes. i guess this is me.

my animation has been influenced by Bill Plympton, who is one of my favorite animators. i like his fantastic imagination and the way cartoon characters performs.

i think maybe after these exercise, i have become better and better at animating. compared with my precious work, i have made a huge progress. about q couple of months ago, i was not good at key frames, and not dare to draw the key frames because I was afraid that my animation would not move smoothly. i guess that is the reason why my animation was boring and not attractive. but now, i am dare to try some exaggerated movement, and it does work well. in the future, i will try more and learn form others.

img_20170222_220057_hdr img_20170222_220121_hdr img_20170222_220208_hdr img_20170222_220225_hdr

these are the  latest field trip sketches. i have never tried drawing so many moving people in a sketch. it was quite challenging. they move so fast and it was not easy to catch the details. so i drew the figures by experiences and imagination. in these sketches, some figures are huge , while others are quite small. in this way, the space can be created.

the field trip was quite inspiring. i got to  know the space form different viewpoints. these experiences i got form these field trip will benefit my further work, cos the first hand experiences has always been persuasive.


to know the west world,it is a good idea to start form the history of the Rome empire. by comparison with the history of the Chinese, i will have a better understanding of the development of people’s inner world .

i have got a simple conclusion that human being are easily to be tamed, just like dogs. there are over 300 kinds of dogs because people trained and choose the dog they preferred. human beings can also be trained and chosen, and they have been trained by the governor or powerful humans. i think it was necessary to train people as people need to united and conqure the nature in order to get resource and survive. but when there are not enough resource to support all the humans on the planet, it is a bad idea to train people. personally, i think everyone is chosen by the god and everyone should be allowed to choose what kind of life he or she wants. when everyone has his or her own idea about the world, there would be millions of possibilities and that means, we will have more ways to discover the world and know the world netter. in that case, we will approach to more varied resources. maybe in the last day , we will meet the creator of the universe.


if you want to know what those caged birds are thinking, it is a good chance to try this swing . even though it is decorated with neon lights,  it is a cage. who wants to be caged?

img_20170222_125756_hdr img_20170222_114716_hdr img_20170222_114759_hdr img_20170222_114808_hdr img_20170222_114903_hdr img_20170222_125515_hdr img_20170222_125625_hdr img_20170222_125904_hdr

the Africa gallery is quite inspiring. the objects are funny and full of joys. you can see people there were quite optimistic even though having to struggle to survive in the poor land. the don’t have to follow the specific rules,  all they need is follow their mind to try to be happy. this maybe the only reason to live.

facial expression project.

i have got a lot from this project.

my classmate said my lines are tough and intense, just like my personality, too conserved, and easy to get nervous, she suggested me to throw my cautions to the wind sometimes, do be sooooo serious all the time, so that my lines in animation would be more comfortable, i would have a dramatic improvement .

my mentor, frank, has been keeping in touch with me since we met on the last day of the first term, he is really kind and helpful. he give me a lot of useful advice about my animation.

as for this project, he said repeating the same animation would make my character robotic, i had better avoid these.

this time, i did have any references, i try to act the lady out, i find it is interesting to create the character in your mind cos you don’t have to follow the movement of the references. this way enables me to put my imagination into full play.

all in all, i should not be soooo serious, animation is a lot of fun, i should draw like a child, rather than a engineer. if i can overcome my weakness, i can create some amazing animations.

dive into the western philosophy world


i have been listening to these radioes these days, these radioes are the history of the western philosophy. i think these ideas about the world can develop my independence thinking ability. i know most people around my age follow the trend of the mass media, they almost have the same idea about the world, i think it is crazy, and they are quite dangerous to the world.

i’m quite disappointed about the world.

the green screen project

this project required animators to react with the animation characters , such as a horse, or some other creatures.

i think this project offered us a opportunity to get involved into the live action area.,a area that is widely used by mass media like the music tv, tv commercials.

this project can also better our understanding of animation performance, when we try to perform, it is better to perform exaggeratedly, because you need to make your body language seen by the a=views, as for some sidle expressions, it is better to give them a close up.

i think exaggerated body languages is main difference between animations and live action movies. a century year ago, the movies came without background music and dialogues, so actors and actresses in these films normally exaggerated their facial expressions, body languages , trying to made their movements seen by views, and views could get the plot relatively easily,.


free style drawing.

for the green screen project, i tried water color to paint, my previous drawing style was really intensive, hopefully, i wish this practice can help me get rid of the bad drawing habit, cos i think it time for to reach a higher level.

finally, i got the hand draw animation.  i drew these pictures freely, and colored them with water color. it was quite a enjoyable experience, cos i throw all my cautions away and try to draw as freely as possible. this practice is definitely rewarding and educational. frankly, when i did animation with graphic tablet, i am quite cautious and afraid of making mistakes, cos very frats mush be in the right position , so that the animation character will move smoothly.

but i realize that animations are full, of possibilities, there are different ways to animate the characters, and how the character performs, and how the movement is good, it depends on the animator’s personality. so i think my animations are too conserved , no funny, and there are no passion  in my animations. in a word, dead. yes, my characters and animations are dead, they have no soul.

there are millions of possibilities in those good animations. they are the moving and visual poets. but my animations is like a maths problem. when i animating, i feel i am deducting a math problem.