the green screen project

this project required animators to react with the animation characters , such as a horse, or some other creatures.

i think this project offered us a opportunity to get involved into the live action area.,a area that is widely used by mass media like the music tv, tv commercials.

this project can also better our understanding of animation performance, when we try to perform, it is better to perform exaggeratedly, because you need to make your body language seen by the a=views, as for some sidle expressions, it is better to give them a close up.

i think exaggerated body languages is main difference between animations and live action movies. a century year ago, the movies came without background music and dialogues, so actors and actresses in these films normally exaggerated their facial expressions, body languages , trying to made their movements seen by views, and views could get the plot relatively easily,.


free style drawing.

for the green screen project, i tried water color to paint, my previous drawing style was really intensive, hopefully, i wish this practice can help me get rid of the bad drawing habit, cos i think it time for to reach a higher level.

finally, i got the hand draw animation.  i drew these pictures freely, and colored them with water color. it was quite a enjoyable experience, cos i throw all my cautions away and try to draw as freely as possible. this practice is definitely rewarding and educational. frankly, when i did animation with graphic tablet, i am quite cautious and afraid of making mistakes, cos very frats mush be in the right position , so that the animation character will move smoothly.

but i realize that animations are full, of possibilities, there are different ways to animate the characters, and how the character performs, and how the movement is good, it depends on the animator’s personality. so i think my animations are too conserved , no funny, and there are no passion  in my animations. in a word, dead. yes, my characters and animations are dead, they have no soul.

there are millions of possibilities in those good animations. they are the moving and visual poets. but my animations is like a maths problem. when i animating, i feel i am deducting a math problem.

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