facial expression project.

i have got a lot from this project.

my classmate said my lines are tough and intense, just like my personality, too conserved, and easy to get nervous, she suggested me to throw my cautions to the wind sometimes, do be sooooo serious all the time, so that my lines in animation would be more comfortable, i would have a dramatic improvement .

my mentor, frank, has been keeping in touch with me since we met on the last day of the first term, he is really kind and helpful. he give me a lot of useful advice about my animation.

as for this project, he said repeating the same animation would make my character robotic, i had better avoid these.

this time, i did have any references, i try to act the lady out, i find it is interesting to create the character in your mind cos you don’t have to follow the movement of the references. this way enables me to put my imagination into full play.

all in all, i should not be soooo serious, animation is a lot of fun, i should draw like a child, rather than a engineer. if i can overcome my weakness, i can create some amazing animations.

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