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these are the  latest field trip sketches. i have never tried drawing so many moving people in a sketch. it was quite challenging. they move so fast and it was not easy to catch the details. so i drew the figures by experiences and imagination. in these sketches, some figures are huge , while others are quite small. in this way, the space can be created.

the field trip was quite inspiring. i got to  know the space form different viewpoints. these experiences i got form these field trip will benefit my further work, cos the first hand experiences has always been persuasive.


to know the west world,it is a good idea to start form the history of the Rome empire. by comparison with the history of the Chinese, i will have a better understanding of the development of people’s inner world .

i have got a simple conclusion that human being are easily to be tamed, just like dogs. there are over 300 kinds of dogs because people trained and choose the dog they preferred. human beings can also be trained and chosen, and they have been trained by the governor or powerful humans. i think it was necessary to train people as people need to united and conqure the nature in order to get resource and survive. but when there are not enough resource to support all the humans on the planet, it is a bad idea to train people. personally, i think everyone is chosen by the god and everyone should be allowed to choose what kind of life he or she wants. when everyone has his or her own idea about the world, there would be millions of possibilities and that means, we will have more ways to discover the world and know the world netter. in that case, we will approach to more varied resources. maybe in the last day , we will meet the creator of the universe.


if you want to know what those caged birds are thinking, it is a good chance to try this swing . even though it is decorated with neon lights,  it is a cage. who wants to be caged?

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the Africa gallery is quite inspiring. the objects are funny and full of joys. you can see people there were quite optimistic even though having to struggle to survive in the poor land. the don’t have to follow the specific rules,  all they need is follow their mind to try to be happy. this maybe the only reason to live.

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