a little bit about the universe.



fuck the Communist, fuck the left wing and the right wing, fuck the religions. we do  not need these shit ideas anymore, otherwise, there would be another world war 70 years later.

the curve chart is my theory.

we human being starts from the Big Bang. the zero point of the chart. we are created because we are trucks and we need to transport energy form the core of the universe to somewhere. in another words, we are slaves of the universe. if someone cannot get energy, he or she would stop exiting. (die or unborn) the  more energy we get, the more possibilities we would survive in the universe.

there are so many wars, revolutions and slaughters throughout human history. why? because the energy human beings can get is limited, while the there has always been a problem about allocating the energy between the rich and the needy, the old super power and new super power.

why human beings need decedents? why people feel excited when they have sex and have food? why we feel miserable when we try to suicide or starving? because we are needed to transport energy during the expansion of universe. for example, we need red cells to transport oxygens for us.  if we do not exist, something else would be created and take our jobs.

so since we are slaves of the universe, how should we survival in this cold world? we have love, mercy, dream and wishes to support us. while  the truth is that some people are greedy and they need so many energy. i believe that there are different ways to transport energy ranging from eating, having sex, working, taking exercising to traveling, listening concert and maybe creating art works. some people are greedy and they need a lot of energies because  they want to choose these comfortable ways to transport energies. while the needy have access to limited energy, and what they are doing are quite tedious and uncomfortable. such as mired in poverty, having unhealthy food and suffering form all kinds  of diseases. one day if they cannot bear their life anymore, they would revolute and try to kill those rich and get their energy. i think there should be compromise between the rich and the poor. the westerners have the democratic ways to rule the people, it is a better way to allocate energy than the authority way.



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