some ideas everyday.

  1. one day morning, i wake up and sat to draw something. i did not have any inspirations. i felt bored and closed my eyes. it was a quiet morning, suddenly, i listened to the tic tock of the clock. so i waved my index to left and right, trying to keep the pace with the tic tock sound. and then i rocked my upper body left and right, following the pace of the sound.

i was wandering : did i controlled by the time unconsciously?  if the rhythm of the sound was chaotic, should i move irregularly ?  can i  control the sound? what is time? what is the relationship between time and movement? maybe there are some inserting ways to move and control my limbs.

2. i saw some Chinese ink paintings this evening.

there figures had something in common and maybe i guess they wanted to tell me something. i think they are maybe the same person throughout history. so i will call my new animation : something hasn’t been told.

you know there are lots  land space Chinese paintings. when i played a sequence of the paintings in animation cc, they would be like a electrocardiogram. i did so because i want to concrete the time and space. it seems that the story happened in a blink of a time.

3. today i made noodles with flour. i wanted to mix something else with the flour to create something new. maybe a puppet like this: 

or maybe some wood. while i was mixing flour with wood and  puppet , i should have dressed traditional Chinese cloth with the music “The Hexi Corridor ” on( the background music of the documentary The Hexi Corridor). i should shotted the video and try to play with it by different animation skills.

4. i have a idea that angle and demon are the two sides of the coin. if there is an angle, there is also a demon. luckily , we are human beings. we are not as kind and generous as angle nor as evil as demon.

this is my believe. i do not know if it is scientific truth.

but today, inspired by this, i really know how to show my idea.

the pirate king, big mum, she is a giant baby. she is strong .  she is so addicted to sweeties that she can not control her desire.

the desire for food is a human nature, but she is a giant baby, she can destroy something easily. when she tried to kill a mosquito for you , she may also kill you as well.

generally, babies are regarded as angle, but when the bodies become huge, it is an angle?



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