children’s society project. young carers.

rough story boards,

the school girl is a young carer . she needs to take care of her little sister.

one day, when she is attending classes, she  could not focus on her assignment as she was thinking her little sister and the household chores.  she became anxious and the poured coffee made her paper ditty .she was so mad that she fainted and feel form her desk.

in her dream, she felt hopeless and she wanted to get rid of the burden. and after a while, her classmates like her up and try to help her. she felt positive about her life cos there are many young cares around and what more, people are willing to help them rather than regarding them as jerks.

here are the new storyboards.

i made some changes to make my story more interesting. i will experiment new styles.

the camera moves more smoothly and some angles are much more better.

HERE is the final animatic.  password: CSM

i made some changes.

 step 1.
1. i replaced the infant with an old  lady  whit her left leg broken.
2. i should leave some place for audience to imagine . so i changed the ending. trying to show the feel that she is not lonely , she has a lots of people around.
step 2.
so during the following 3 weeks, i tried my best to finish to rough animation
the animation starts form the young carer is writing, and then she suddenly realise that her mother needs help , so the camera zoom in and her mother’s image is shown on her face. and then she drags her mother form the bed, and hugs her, next , she pushes the wheel chair and they vanish in the horizontal line.
i overlapped her mother’s image on her face, trying to suggest that helping her mother has become part of her daily routine, whenever her mother needs help, she is always ready to help. but the problem is it begins too quickly. a good way to entry an animation is gradually and slowing showing something to viewers.  so i took shaun’s advice, and added a shot in the beginning.i hold the camera for a while and then it starts to move. the pace is much better. but still, her mother’s image bump into viewers’ eyes suddenly
later, when i previewed my animation with monologue, i realised the pace is terrible. in order to slow down the pace, i think i should break down the one long  shot into several shots. sometimes compromises  needed to be made.
when she hugs her mother, i gave the young carer a close up . but it is not good enough, Steve said when you give the character a close up, viewers may think that she is going to say something, but my character does not say anything.
so  i gave up this idea and tried another way. and it is the best idea i have ever got.
i drop the shot a close up of the character and pushing the wheelchair , instead , i used this one. the girl is chasing the footstep of other young carers. in this shot.
i got this idea when i was walking under the light. i found he shadow is quite beautiful.
i think the idea got form life is much better than created or imagined ones.
the next shot was also a headache for me. i corrected 4 times.
at first, my idea was like, it starts form a girls is writing, and then, a dummy dropped,  two giant feet bump into the girl. and then, the camera moves form the feet to the upper body , another young carer is shown, and he is carrying an infant. but David form CS said that it is not illegal to care for infant in this country. i realized that i should have had a good communication with them to avoid go astray. actually, when i got this audio, i searched the internet and found some useful resources and my idea is inspired by these i saw. to be a professional designer, good communication with your client is crucial.

so i gave up this idea. i got another one and it turned out a waste of time for me.

i made a terrible mistake that i wasted a lot of time doing a shit. i animated without the monologue playing.
it stars form a bowl of soup, and different images of young carers are casted on the soup. and then, the camera zoom out, a young carer is holding the bowl and walking towards to a bed on which his mother is lying .
it is a bad trial because it does not fit the monologue. this animation moves much faster than the counterpart.  every single short is good but when you put them together, it is a shit.
maybe my precious idea is much better.
in order to get rid of the dummy, i replaced it with a medicine bottle. i asked my room mate to asked it out for me. i think it is much easier to animate with reference. you can feel how your animation will look like, and sometimes, a lot of good ideas are inspired by the first hand experiences.
i also tried to corrected the last shot, but it turned out that my precious idea is much better.
the last shot is a long shot that showing the girl is walking.
i corrected it because i thought i have a better idea.
i made some changes: the girl walks for a few steps and then stops, the camera moves form her feet to her upper body and shows that her mother is smiling to her. next, a over shoulder shot to show something in front if them.
i gave up this idea because the monologue  is too fast. when i broke down the shot , the pace become slow.
in all, animating is a process of trial and error. you never know until you try.
i tried many approaches to color in my animation with tv paint, . it turn out that none of them satidfied me. so i drew the animation on pappers and used color pencils  to color in. here are some finnal result of my animation.
it is a old style animation. i knew it will boiling, so i asked shaun for advices. keep the white and black areas almost the same


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