graduation film development. (i put many blogs in the same one to show how i developed my story)



where my concept is from?

inspired by wang xiaobo’s story, the marvelous pig

when I was born, a pig was embodied in my body. later it turns out that the pig was my soul.


the short story wrote by wang Xiaobo.

In the village (where we were sent by Chairman Mao to be re-educated), I fed pigs and grazed cattle. These two kinds of animals would have known completely how to live if there had been no human to manage their life. They would have strolled about at their will, drinking when thirsty and eating when hungry; and when spring came, they would have talked about love to each other. If so, their life would have been of poor quality, nothing exciting at all. Then the human came, who set rules for their life. As a result, every cow and every pig had a theme in their life. For the majority of them, the thematic life was miserable: the theme for the cattle was to shoulder the hard labor, and for the pig, to grow meat. I didn’t think they ought to complain about this, because life than for us was colorless, too. It didn’t leave us much to entertain ourselves except for eight model plays.

However, there were some very few pigs and cattle whose life was arranged for another purpose. Take the pig for example, the boars and sows were spared some freedom to do their own business besides eating. But for all I could see, they didn’t quite appreciate this set-up. The boar’s task was mating, in other words, he was allowed to be a Don Juan by our policy. But the exhausted boars acted as if they were castrated pigs kept for meat. Like a JunZi of high morals, they just wouldn’t jump onto the sows’ backs no matter how you threatened them. The sows’ task was reproducing, but some would eat their own kids. In a word, the pigs suffered tremendously. However, they accepted it: pigs were pigs.

It is the characteristic of humans to set various rules, not only for animals but for themselves as well. We all know there was a place called Sparta in ancient Greece, where man’s task was to be a sacrificial soldier, woman’s to be a reproduction machine; the former was like a fighting cock, and the latter a sow. Therefore, life there was so regulated that nothing was left but boredom. Our two animals were different cases, but I believe they didn’t like their life at all. But what could they do? Be it human or animal, both could hardly change their destiny.

The pig I’m going to talk about was special. He was four or five years old at the time when I was feeding pigs. Although he was kept for meat, he was dark and thin, with two glittering eyes. He was as quick as a goat and could jump the meter-high fence without trouble. He could even jump onto the roof of the pigsty, like a cat—so you would find him always wandering everywhere, never staying in the pigsty. All the intellectuals in the village who fed pigs treated him as their own spoiled child and so did I—because he was friendly to nobody but us the intellectuals. He’d allow us to get as close to him as within three meters; he would run away from other people. He was a boar and should have been castrated. But just go ahead, try to hide the castration hatchet behind your back and see if you can get him. He would instantly smell it, bulge his eyeballs at you and give a bellow. I always fed him with porridge made from rice chaff and would dump it into the weeds to feed other pigs after he’d had enough of it. Other pigs were jealous at seeing this and squealed. Then, the pig farm was filled with horrible howling as if ghosts were crying, which he and I didn’t give a damn about. Stuffed with food, he would jump onto the roof of the pigsty to bask in the sun or imitate all kinds of sounds. He could sound like a horn, like a car or a truck

Sometimes we couldn’t find him for a whole day. I assumed he’d gone to the village nearby to look for sows. We kept sows, too, but they were kept inside the pigsty and were out of shape from over-reproducing. They were dirty and stinky. He was not interested in them. There were handsome sows in the neighboring village. He had many romantic adventures there. However, I’m not going to tell you about them because I know little about it due to the short period I spent feeding pigs. All I can say is that all the intellectuals who fed pigs liked him. We were fond of his way of being independent. We even gave ourselves credit for his freestyle of living. But the villagers didn’t agree on this point. They considered the pig as cynical, and as for the leaders, they hated him, which I’ll talk about later. My fondness of him even extended to respect for him, because I always called him “Brother Pig” ignoring the truth that I was ten years or older than him. As Ive already said, this Brother Pig could imitate any sound. I reckoned he’d tried to learn how to speak as a man, but failed—if not, we would have had a heart to heart conversation. But he was not the one to blame, to establish a rapport between man and pig was too different after all.

Later, Brother Pig learned how to wail like a whistle. This is what got him in trouble. We had a sugar factory and its whistle sounded every noon so that the workers would change shifts accordingly. Hearing the whistle, our group, which was working in the field at the same time, would wrap it up and come back home. My Brother Pig began to jump onto the roof at ten o’clock every morning and imitate the siren there. People working in the field came back as soon as they heard it. Boy! This was one and a half hours earlier than the factory required. To be frank, there wasn’t much for us to blame Brother Pig for, and his wailing was different from the whistle. But the villagers said they couldn’t tell the difference whatsoever. As a result, the top leaders had a meeting, in which they accused him of being an agitator who was intending to sabotage the spring plowing. What was worse, they decided to take action against him by means of persecution. Although I’d already known the meeting’s decision, I was not worried about him, for if they meant to use noose and hatchet [by means of dictatorship], it wouldn’t work on him at all. The former leaders had tried this, but even a hundred men were not able to catch him. Dogs were useless either: Brother pig ran like a torpedo and would have elbowed the dogs’ miles out of the way. But Good Heaven, this time they really meant it. The instructor brought with him about twenty men, holding five-four style pistols in their hands; the deputy instructor led a dozen of people or so, all carrying guns used to protect the harvest. They split into two groups, converging from two directions in the open-air of the pig farm to corner him. This really put me into a dilemma: in view of our friendship, I should have held two butcher hatchets and stood with Brother Pig side by side to fight a way out. But on second thoughts, I realized this would probably scare the shit out of the whole world—he was, after all, nobody but a pig; Another reason was that I didn’t have the guts to go against the leaders, which I suspect was where the problem really lay. So I just looked on. I had admiration for Brother Pig’s composure: he calmly stayed inside the circle formed by the pistols and guns. However much the people shouted or the dogs barked, he just wouldn’t step out of the circle. Therefore, the people who were to pull the triggers of their pistols would kill those holding the harvest protection guns, and vice versa; if both groups were to fire simultaneously, they would all be killed. As for him, safety was almost guaranteed, for as a target he was not big enough. Then, after testing a couple of times, he found an opportunity and forced a way out running away in an astonishingly cool manner.

I ran into him several times in the sugarcane field after that. He’d grown fangs. He recognized me, but wouldn’t allow me to get close to him. His coldness pained me. However, I agreed that he should keep a distance from those with malicious intentions.

I’m already forty years old. So far, but for this pig, Ive never met anyone who dared to turn a blind eye to the rules imposed upon their life. On the contrary, Ive only met people who try to set rules for other people’s lives, or who live contently with the rules imposed upon them. For this reason, I never stop commemorating this maverick pig



the movies inspired me

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

the movie

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest(1975)

has the exact same idea and plot with Xiaobo wang’s story.

in my movie, the pig is the main character, similar to Randle McMurphy, while Mr. Eichmann is similar to other mental patients. Nurse Ratched is the person who gives the order. this movie could be my reference.



character design 

What is the difference between human beings and other animals?

the pursuit of immortality, acknowledgment, and experience.

MR eichmann design version 1 and two,

small eyes, ears. big hands.

age: 40.

temperament: tame, as meek as a lamb.

he has a pet pig, named tiny black, the pig is black, it looks like a sausage. the pig can run very fast.




pigs have a  vertebra shape of c and it is not easy for him to stand.


rough character design.21/01/2018

I am going to replace these boring design with the following characters.


it is inspired by Joan Cornellà, Yue minjun and the animation, the employment.

here are the references.





rough animatic.

setting design 

the culture revolutions started form 1966  and ended un 1976.

these devices witnessed the period of dark history.

this picture inspired me to design the milking station.

the last shot from the burden inspired me to create a isolated world.



rough bg designs.



during the past two weeks, I have been working on the bg design, I put on more details. next, the bg is ready and i could move to animatoon production process.


mood board

here are the feel that my film may look like.

photography by Evelyn Bencicova



 why i choose the banality of evil? what does it mean? why i had a misunderstanding of it? 
I INTENDED  to show the banality of evil, but i failed. i watched the experimenter movie,

Milgram showed me the idea of The Small World–known as – Six degrees of Separation. it is said, we can connect with anyone else through 6 random people. so when people did the Milgram experiment, anyone could hurt others. i didn’t show why the evil is banal. i just showed people follow orders blindly like a robot. without thinking about what he was doing.

I had a wrong understanding of the banality of evil because of the Chinese translation. it gives me another different meaning: being banal is evil. it doesn’t talk about what is evil, on the opposite, it talks about why being banal is not good.

when I connect the wrong idea with the Six degrees of Separation, I didn’t understand it. if the theory is about how banal evil can be, well, I think I can understand it now.

about the voyeurism and sex act. 

sexual acts in my film -and with those come the possibility of gratification and or pleasure – Something that gives pleasure, even if only for a moment, cancels out any banality.

I have also put my audience into the position of being voyeurs – I wanted to shock my audience and make them feel uncomfortable – but I realized i  introduced voyeurism.  The presence of Voyeurism also overshadows the idea of the evil being banal.

the poor live a pig reminds me the one or two children policy in China. the pig has no choice but has to do it. I like pips they are smart and kind animals. but I do thin they should be regarded as food. they should have a more varied life.

well, from then on, I think I should put the relationship between my film and audiences into consideration.

the relationship between the film and viewers. 

when it comes to voyeurism, it comes to my mind a movie: peeking tom, 1960, Michael Latham Powell, i happened to know the introduction to the movie, but i didn’t watch it because it puts audiences at the position of voyeurism, people feel unethical and guilty.

people criticized the director and he became notorious.

well, I think the director was honest. but this movie is not good to show in public. people can watch it privately at home.

what my movie is really about?

back to my movie,

what I really question about is authoritarian, not capitalism, and my movie has no connection with the banality of evil.

I named the main character Eichmann, and he breeds the pigs.  metaphorically, people may connect the pig with Jewish. it is an insult to Jewish. as some tutors said, it was a bad idea. Don’t make it. I think I was lucky to find the problem before it is too late.

i put too many ideas into 3 min’s animation, it will be quite confusing. and i don’t have a clear understanding of these subjects, like the questioning about authoritarian, questioning about people cannot think independently, questioning about the one-child policy, questioning about the two children policy.

I use the pig breeding as a metaphor: the pig breeding is controlled, pigs have no choice but have to do it. when pigs want to fight back, they are fainted by people. this context reminds me of the one child or two children policy in my country. frankly, I am the second child in my family and my parents were fined because of this. my parents love me and I think too many populations is not a problem, if everyone is as smart as Stephen William Hawking it will be great because we will get more energy, resource and create more wealth,   people will benefit from it. . the question is why people so many people are not smart? why 80% people are ruled by the rest 20%? why people tend to follow the authority blindly?  the authority instills us with misleading knowledge, people could not become smart and people fail to create more wealth, so naturally, the government thinks too many populations is wrong. if overpopulated, the lack of food may lead to harming and people will push down the government. if too less population, the wealthy people will gain will increase dramatically, and rich people will become independent and smart. so, for the few authority governers, people in the poverty position is the best, because there is no threat to them.  to a conclusion, governors control the population because they want us mired in poverty remain to be stupid forever. yes, we are slaves.



 story development. 

no pig, no mating, not too many ideas, not too many people in the settings.  I will question about authoritarian in a pretty funny way.

the new film is called: as meek as a lamb.or when the tape reader stops.

it is inspired by Westworld. tv series. (2016-)

my main character has no consciousness, as meek as a lamb, following his superior’s order.

I want to discuss where our consciousness come from? why some people have no consciousness?

there is a quote goes when the voice of God in your mind stops, we become real human being.


lamb slaughtering research. 

the steps of lamb slaughtering.specially-trained leader sheep.

sheep have a strong instinct to follow.

other sheep are waiting to follow the leader sheep.

this is the way to keep the sheep moving forward, no escaping.

this sheep is held and resting, it doesn’t know it is going to be slaughtered.

the stunning process. after the sheep have been unloaded, they are held until it is time for stunning. they are then led to the stunning system by the leader sheep.

when the sheep get stunned, they are converted to an unconscious state.

humane animal treatment is a top priority, and proper stunning procedures assure a painless and fear-free death for each animal that is processed.

the sheep get wet and then get stunned.

if the stunner failed, captive bolt stunner is used to re-stun the sheep.




reflection after the tutorial.

my story is about obedience and rebellious.

when the main role merged with another animal and gets the lower body of the animal, he has to do something with the lower body to give the viewers a strong feeling.

pig maybe too sensitive,

how about the man removes the fur from the lamb?

too many actions, he removes the fur form the lamb and moves it to the next process.

the man milk himself could be a good idea. the visual language is more direct and simple that removing the fur.

when the cow gets the lower body of the man, she learns to speak form the tape recorder. she repeats the words: carry on your job but she does not know what it means.and then she escapes the factory.

the last shot could be: the half man half cow is having grass, beside him, there is a baby cow, it has the same human head with the milkman.  then one voice comes from behind and says; carry on your job. it turns out that half cow and half man has learned how to order others.

I realized the cow may be too big compared with the human body.



the bone of my story

the first 30 seconds:

(voice: carry on your job), one middle-aged man is milking in a room. he looks quite robotic.

one goat awakes and baas, and then the voice stopped.

the goat awakes and baas several times.

the milkman opens the door and the whole body of the goat shows.

the goat awakes again and baas at the man.

the man is shocked and concerned about the goat.

the second 30 seconds:

CCTV room, there is a tape recorder on the desk, it says: carry on your job, please.

the goat struggles and tries to avoid the stunner above her.

the milkman says: should we set the cow free.

(voice: carry on your job, please)

the third 30 seconds:

the goat gets rid of the chain and fells down.

the milkman tries to carry the goat, but both of them are stunned accidentally by the stunner.

the mailman and the cow merged.

the fourth 30 seconds:

the goat runs away with the milkman.

(voice: carry on your job)

the goat says go with me, but the man stands and says no words,

the milkman and goat separated

the fifth 30 seconds:

(voice: carry on your job)

the half goat half man looks check her low body in front of the mirror, and she says to the man:   ok, carry on your job.  then she kicks the door and leaves the room.

the half man half cow seats down and milks himself.

the tape recorder stops

half man half cow having grass, he says to his colleague: life is easier to be a goat.

a voice comes from behind them: carry on your job, please.  it turns out to be a half goat half man.

THE version has been influenced by the ex machina. here are some pictures.



War for the Planet of the Apes

in my film, milkman is not able to speak, but halfc cow and half man learns to speak.

















my English national opera project is inspired by graduation film.

the ox and horse across their stomachs are their animal nature. namely the violence and emotional part of human being. the human body is their personal and human nature. my core story is about how the satyagrahast and the police control their animal nature and try to act reasonably. so the India miner marched but they encountered the mounted police. then my story begins. unfortunately, the stuff did not get my story. well, it was because of my bad pitch. I was too nervous. maybe my idea is too surreal and it doesn’t make sense.



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