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something i got form the brief history of humankind

I listened to this talk, it was the general idea of the book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind

one of the most impressive ideas is that there four species of humankind.

Homo sapiens,Homo neanderthalensis,  and some other species.  the Homo sapiens beat Homo neanderthalensis and became the major humankind on earth. 

Homo sapiens won eventually because they know how to think abstractly. and because of this,  they could cooperate with more than 150 people, so organizations like big companies and governments could be built.  

personally, i think why our ancestors were chosen by the creator because are better at transporting energy.

the universe was originated from the big bang. during the explosion, energy and heating were released from the core to outside world. in order to transmit the energy, something needed to be created for transporting. we human beings are similar to trucks,

why we were chosen but not Homo neanderthalensis?

it is common sense that the universe expands faster and faster, and more effective transmitting system are in need. abstract thinking can support effective cooperations among massive  human being. also because of abstract thinking, we could create religions, like love, family bone, friendship, etc. why we need religions? for example, when we have wars, religions give us hope and we would not extinct easily. although there are numerous suffering waiting for us, like the holocaust, plague, natural disasters, and slavery, we have these religions to support us. we could be a quite effective transmitting system compared with other species.


our ancestors won the evolution wars.

who will be the next generation or new humankind?

there are two kinds of governments, democratic ones, and repressive region.

what is the difference between the people from these two kinds of countries?

let me explain which kinds of humankind will succeed in the next evolution wars.

people from the democratic countries may migrate to other planets to get more energy because they are the ocean civilization.

we are born to be slaved by the universe because we had to act as a truck and transmit the energy. to the edge of t the universe and the future. if we are slaves, why we have to survive since we could not rebel the creator?

well, we are all slaves but we could be happy slaves at least.  some people like the miners, they work in awful conditions, some businessmen work at the fancy office. they are both transporting energy for the creator. there is a difference between these two approaches. the first one is not a satisfying way while the later is quite comfortable and could make us happy.

so human beings need a comfortable way to be saved by the universe. the more energy we get, the more possibilities we could have some satisfying ways of transporting energy.

people from the repressive regions are tamed by their governers. just like some wolves are tamed to become dogs.

people in these countries could not be allowed to have access to a huge amount of energy and they are mired in poverty. they may choose not to give birth to babies or they may degenerate and become another species.

who will win, i guess the answer is quite clear.





LIAF visit

the long shorts screened at the barbican were really good.

compared with 3 to 5-min animations and feature films, they are quite boring.

shots animations are similar to poetry while feature films are novels.

shorts animations and feature films are more appealing. I guess shorts animations have a quite simple story but they normally have a quite strong concept.

feature films could invite viewers to the story gradually and there are numerous elements that could entertain the viewers. such as comedy plots, some exciting and unexpected turnings points could draw viewers’ attention and keep them focusing on the story until they get the answer.

for long shorts, normally these films have a slow pace. if they are quite abstract, viewers may feel tired to watch them.

the short animations screened at horse hospital are really good. they are around 5 minutes. the structure of the story is the beginning, turning point and ending.