LIAF visit

the long shorts screened at the barbican were really good.

compared with 3 to 5-min animations and feature films, they are quite boring.

shots animations are similar to poetry while featureĀ films are novels.

shorts animations and feature films are more appealing. I guess shorts animations have a quite simple story but they normally have a quite strong concept.

feature films could invite viewers to the story gradually and there are numerous elements that could entertain the viewers. such as comedy plots, some exciting and unexpected turnings points could draw viewers’ attention and keep them focusing on the story until they get the answer.

for long shorts, normally these films have a slow pace. if they are quite abstract, viewers may feel tired to watch them.

the short animations screened at horse hospital are really good. they are around 5 minutes. the structure of the story is the beginning, turning point and ending.


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