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here are the two books I am quite interested in recently/.

the first one is An essay on the principle of population, wrote by  Thomas Robert Malthus,

the second one is called, beautiful soul wrote by Eyal Press

the second one is based on true stories. it talks about four persons who questioned the authority and put social justice into practice. they did not obedient the superior to do something wrong, instead, they have their individual judgment and thinking.

this book discovered why these people have their independent thinking since most of the crowd follow the order of the authority.

there is another book called, the banality of evil, it talks about why most of the crowd lose their individual thinking and act as a tool for the enforcement even if they are forced to do something immoral.

they four stories in the beautiful soul is rare, most of the people can not question the authority and they have been alienated because of the modernity.

Zygmunt Bauman in his book Modernity and holocaust talks about why people lost their independent thinking. the movie the modern times’ portraits of how one worker become a robot in this modern factory.

all of these questions are closely linked and, personaly, I think is the reason is Modernity alienates human beings. Modernity is the result of rationalism.